How can I reduce the cost of my kitchen project?

In addition to the discount you will receive visiting a pink kitchens retailer, there are many ways to gain the most value from your purchase or reduce the cost.

Independent specialist retailers typically offer many different kitchen price groups as kitchen door frontals are provided in different materials. For example, if a pink kitchen was quoted in a painted finish and the price exceeded your budget, your design can be re quoted perhaps in a melamine, vinyl, foil, or PVC finish i.e. a lower price group option and typically, with a significant saving. If you have a large kitchen, careful choices with handles options can also support a reduced cost.

In terms of design, traditionally your pink kitchen would be designed with corresponding wall units above matching sized base units. In today`s market, the wall space above can be utilised with perhaps open units and shelving, creating a more `designer look` and thus, reducing the overall cost of your kitchen. Of course, selecting base units without drawers is much less expensive but for many, storage within your pink kitchen is important and pull out drawer storage is a more efficient way to organise your available space.

To compliment your pink kitchen, there are multiple branded appliance options to choose from with different fixed warranties as standard and with options to extended your warranty. Many appliance manufacturers offer direct consumer incentives or promotions, for example cash back claims, so it`s worth a google search. For many, having a branded appliance on view is important and to make a saving, you could consider some unbranded integrated appliances e.g. dishwasher or a fridge behind the door that are mostly provided with similar energy efficiency.

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To go with your pink kitchen furniture, there are many different work surfaces available. The least expensive are laminate worktops and range in depth from 20,30,40,60mm. More expensive solid surface options are provided such as granite, a quartz mix or Corian. Materials and colours are all provided in different price groups and typically, group one is the lower price starting point. If your kitchen budget needs to be reviewed, choosing a lower price group work surface will reduce the cost of your kitchen.

Sink and taps will complete your design and if for example, a boiling water tap is required, you have multiple branded options to choose from such as Quooker, Zip or Insinkerator when reviewing your quote. Granite sinks are typically more expensive than some lower priced stainless steel options. There is a massive choice that your independent pink kitchen retailer will be able to propose.

In summary, once your pink kitchen has been quoted and if the price exceeds your budget, there are many ways to work together with your specialist retailer to meet your budget.

How can I reduce the cost of my kitchen project?

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