pink kitchen ideas in 2020

Pink kitchens are a current UK top interior design trend

Stunning pink kitchen pictures can be seen and highly popular across all social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.

After we`ve all had to experience COVID19 lockdown, pink kitchen units are welcome, bight, fun and of course a dramatic design statement.

A blush pink kitchen colour in your home looks great mixed with grey, black or with industrial patterns. Grey and pink kitchen ideas are the most
popular blended option that will transform a dated kitchen into today’s fastest trend.

If you`re worried about pink kitchen cabinets appearing too soft, adding other materials such as wood and granite can dramatically change the look.

Other pink kitchen ideas could include the introduction of coordinating accessories such as free-standing furniture or stylish warm rugs.

Many customers are reviewing pink kitchens decorating ideas. Most paint companies such as Little Green offer mood board suggestions.

Thinking about adding pink kitchen cupboards as a feature or accent could be a way of adding your personality to your kitchens without changing the
whole kitchen. i.e. simply add a few pink kitchen doors

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