Retailer free registration

Qualified sales enquiries provided with no upfront cost

have been trading for at least three years

Be financially secure

Offer computer assisted design

Offer full project management

Pink Kitchen certificat

Have quality showroom displays

Offer a pre agreed customer discount 'up to' 10% off the kitchen furniture - of course, the effective overall discount would be much lower across the whole project

There will be a small cost of £299+VAT only when the customer pays you a deposit

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Customer qualification

Simply, customers will complete a short information form, agree to share their details to comply with GDPR, we will call them to qualify and personally introduce them to you.

  • When they want the project to commence?
  • What style of kitchen or bathroom?
  • Approximate budget.

Sales enquires are provided only if you are a registered Pink Kitchens retailer and the nearest showroom.

Retailer key benefits

  • Personally introduced pre-qualified customers
  • Incremental sales
  • Additional profit
  • Associated home improvement ‘other’ sales opportunities

Early Registration Advised

We aim to build a retail network across the whole of the UK, so there's an opportunity now to register first in your area today.

Please register and one of our team will be in touch shortly to discuss your application. Once approved, you will receive a personalised Pink Kitchen Certificate to display in your showroom.

    I consent to be contacted by pink kitchen, their registered retailers and agree to Pink Kitchens Terms And Conditions. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details.


    Contact us for more information:

    Simon Acres Group Ltd

    0203 701 6660