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What is the typical process when buying a new kitchen from an independent specialist?

When considering where to purchase your pink kitchen

or indeed other colours, an independent specialist will be able to offer you numerous options, where perhaps a national retailer could be limited.
Most mid market independants typically display `on average` at least three different manufacturers, where most high end retailers typically major on just one. Showrooms typically average around 6-8 displays and these are updated periodically with the latest trends such as a pink kitchen.

It’s a good idea to start your conversation with your local specialist on what frustrates you about your existing kitchen

so you can then discuss improvements that will transform your kitchen to perhaps a brighter space and/or perhaps with more storage solutions. While a pink kitchen may not be everyone`s taste, certainly the colourway is bright and creates a `wow factor` perhaps missing from your existing kitchen. Your specialist will also discuss with you options for work surfaces, sinks, taps and appliances. The choices are endless and a good interior designer will be able to recommend to you a coordinating proposal. For example, this year’s trend is pink kitchen doors with a mix of grey doors and this contrast looks amazing.

Most specialist retailers will then visit your home, normally without charge.

A home visit is often much better than bringing your own measurements into their showroom as this gives you both another discussion opportunity and gives your retailer a much better opportunity to review the space to propose the best options. After the home visit, most specialist retailers will ask you to revisit the showroom, normally within 2 weeks and present a proposal typically using computer aided design (CAD). Here you will be shown door samples and worktop samples and also have the opportunity to pull out internal storage solutions from component companies such a Blum. If you are conderating a pink kitchen the visualisation benefits of CAD will help you to decide how this will look in your home. Some showrooms offer the growing trend of a 4D walk through option where you can experience your proposed new kitchen virtually.
If you have visited your specialist retailer via and received a unique discount code you will be entitled to a reduction of up to 10% off the kitchen furniture cost. Typical payment terms to your specialist retailer are 25% deposit on order and then 65% on delivery and then the balance of 10% after completion. Some retailers will be able to offer you a helpful finance solution to help with perhaps getting the dream kitchen that you really want.
Good luck on your project journey and as the market is now so fashion driven, maybe a pink kitchen may just hit the spot!

What is the typical process when buying a new kitchen from an independent specialist?