What tips should I consider when buying a kitchen?

Check when your retailer was established and ask to see previous customer testimonials or thank you cards for evidence of jobs well done. You can also ask to see previous projects of any perhaps, before and after pictures of work that has been completed.
Have a wish list with you of what frustrates you most about your existing kitchen and an idea in priority, what you would like to improve first. Your home lifestyle can be improved if you take time to consider time saving options or if you need additional smart storage for example.
Most retailers will use regular sub contract installers and some will employ an installer on their books. There is no definite advantage of either as this very much depends on the quality of the individual installer. Ask if your proposed fitter has installed any of the showroom displays and here, you can check the quality of the installation.
In advance of visiting a pink kitchens retailer showroom, have an idea of your budget and share this with the retailer. There are so many permutations and options within for example, kitchen furniture, appliances, sinks and taps. If you`re not sure, you can ask to see pictures, for an example of other projects they have completed and ask the cost that will benchmark what you can comfortably afford.


Ask about manufacturer guarantees of all the products that are being proposed. For most, the best quality, for the best price and with longer guarantees will offer you more peace of mind.
Understanding what you are being proposed is so important. 3D visuals or computer aided design will help you to appreciate the design so much better. If you don’t understand the terminology being used to describe your new kitchen, such as `plinth` or `cornice`, don’t be afraid to ask.
A pink kitchens retailer will visit your home to survey your existing measurements and review the service points, such as water and electricity, either before design, after design or both.
Most pink kitchens retailers will have an installation schedule planned ahead, so expect to be waiting typically up to three months and for some pink kitchens retailers, this could be longer. Being busy is a good sign and allows you both to plan ahead together, after all, buying a kitchen is a considered purchase and should not be a quick or immediate decision.
Think about the other aspects of your new kitchen and plan in time to discuss with your pink kitchen retailer for example, flooring, tiling lighting, blinds, painting and accessories.
Finally, your pink kitchen retailer has been chosen to be aware of all the aspects mentioned. They will be able to offer you expert guidance and advice to help you on your exciting journey and be the proud owner of your new dream kitchen.

What tips should I consider when buying a kitchen?

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