Why purchase your kitchen from an independent specialist?

Robert Minns from The Eagle Home Interiors explains the benefits of purchasing your new kitchen from an independent specialist.To find your nearest Pink Kitchens retailer and claim your exclusive discount, please register HERE or contact Jordan Burns on 0203 701 6660.

Whats sets apart an independent retailer?

As an independent, we’ve got a lot of flexibility.
We’ve not tied to a brand a particular make of anything. So we can offer a customer a huge choice and we can also tailor designs to suit them if there’s something specific they’re after.
We can try and source it or we can look at options for them we’re not restricted in any way really.

Is it important for a customer to buy from an established retailer?

Yes, especially one who’s been trading a long time as the customer’s got confidence that they’ve got the experience and seen lots of different trends.

They can offer invaluable experience and also if the customers ask for a deposit it gives the customer confidence that the company’s been trading for a long time so they feel their money’s safe

What installation and project management service is typically offered by an independent?

An independent will typically offer full project management and full installation service. They’ll take care of every aspect of the electrical, plumbing and woodwork carpentry. They’ll do decoration, they’ll do a job right from start to finish.
And they’ll oversee everything so it takes the hassle away from the customer, the worry away from the customer and leaves them with a finished job.

How important would you say is for customers to see physical displays?

It’s very important for customers to see displays. It’s a big investment for a customer and they need to be able to see the product, touch the product, feel the product. They need to be able to look at the quality of it and they need to be able to visualise it in their own room and the display will be able to give them the opportunity to do that.

What design ability can an independent usually offer?

An independent can offer extra design ability because they’ve got the flexibility of different products so again, they’re not stuck with one brand or one type of product.
So if the customer’s looking for something a little bit different, a little bit extra, they can look to source and can also design in a way that gives the customer something different something extra

And what about computer-aided design would you say that's important to help customer visualization?

I think the computer-aided design is very important to help the customer visualise.
You can put colours in, you can do all the worktops, tiles in the room, add colour so you get an image that will give them the best replication of what their finished kitchen will look like. They can view it from different angles you can also do walk rounds and it gives them the best picture available for their finished kitchen and really does help them imagine that it’s in their room.

What are the latest trends in kitchen design?

We are finding that customers love storage. I think it’s been brought on by the fact that people have spent a lot of time at home and they’ve realised that they need more storage to stock more items perhaps.
We find that shaker style kitchens are very popular but definitely, customers do love storage solutions pull out wirework big pantries any anything that gets the mess off the work top and makes a lovely clean streamlined kitchen.

Is the kitchen market more becoming to fashion market?

I think the kitchen market’s very mixed

I think there are customers out there who buy for longevity, look for high quality because they’re planning to keep it for 20 years but it is very dictated by fashion as well and I think we’re going to see that grow. You look at influencers places like Instagram you know fashions change all the while.

So whilst I don’t think it’ll be a yearly thing I do think kitchens will become more of a fashion item and changes will be made more regularly to keep up with the latest trends

What sort of frustrations customers have with an existing kitchen?

So we find customers typical frustrations are poor storage solutions lack of storage lack of worktop space but lots of

clutter on the worktop I think we’re seeing it now customers like everything to be hidden out of you very minimalist worktop so things like dress their worktop breakfast units that hide the toaster kettle everything behind the door that can just be open when needed uh everything like that cupboard that is hard to get into is very high on customers frustration lists so things like pull out wirework anything that’s easy access drawers very popular because you open a drawer you see everything that’s in there get it easy you don’t forget a tin of beans that’s been there five years that sort of thing you

Additional advice for customers changing their kitchen

For any customer looking to change the kitchen, the advice I would offer is taking your time to have a look at all the options don’t rush it look at what you’ve got with the existing kitchen that you don’t like, that doesn’t work for you.

Explore two or three different options at least with design think about how the design will be used in your space and how you will use it, how you use storage um everything like that I think it doesn’t have to be a rush decision. It needs to be at least time needs to be taken so it’s right for you in the end.

Why purchase your kitchen from an independent specialist?

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